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Our product philosophy

Our product philosophy

We consider even the smallest details so our customers don’t have to. Every step of the process is delivered according to our values and convictions – that’s why we work with a small distribution cycle, and ship directly from our family-run workshop in Indonesia to our customers.

No intermediates, no one in between.


Ubiquitous to Indonesia, rattan is a sustainable material sourced from numerous species of palm trees natural to South-East Asia. Like our teak wood, we select A grade quality for its strength and durability. Our weavers dry the reeds with a traditional burning technique, then shape them into inserts and details that are the signature of the labpiecesign collection.

Why choose us?

Shopping and Warranty

Provide one year warranty service! We provide high quality bamboo and rattan lamps for home or business at affordable prices and quick to make. Our workshop is open 24/7 to ensure 2 week delivery while maintaining the highest standards of product quality. We may be a small team, but every custom designed neon sign we create is crafted with love and care.


Easy to install


They rise like picture frames and plug in like lights! Lightweight, no heat, no noise! Won!

Are originality and creativity important to you? Well, we have over 400 beautiful designs to choose from in sizes, colors and themes. Our exclusive designs fit into any interior space, whether it's your bedroom, living room, dining room, or even your office. Come on, light up your day!