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Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider

£47.83 GBP
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This leggy lawn decor makes our skin crawl with Halloween spirit. The XL spider consists mostly of shaggy black legs that fold easily for storage. As night falls, illuminate the eyes or set them on the six-hour timer, so this spine-tingling creature can glow creepily out of the darkness of your porch or hallway.


Features: Spider(shape)
Dimensions (Overall): 73" w x 40"d x 6" h
Weight: 1.0 pounds
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor, Indoor and Outdoor
Lighted: Unlit
Plant Variety: Mixed Arrangements
Product Diameter: 24 inches
Battery: No Battery Used

Faux Floral Material: Made of Styrofoam and fabric.



Step into the darkness and let the Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider ignite your outdoor space with its enchanting glow. This daringly daring spider unleashes an electrifying aura, casting a spell of mystery and intrigue. Perfect for any nocturnal gathering, it dares you to embrace the shadows and bask in its mesmerizing brilliance. Illuminate your world with the Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider and dare to create an unforgettable outdoor experience.

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Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider Lit Outdoor Decorative Spider

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