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American style electric fan light

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Our wooden fan lights are not only practical but also beautiful. Our wood is made of very good wood with natural color, uniform texture, not easy to crack, insect-proof, and green. 


  • Blade material:High-quality wooden fan blades
  • Hardware lamp body motor
    Winding motor, double-roller silent bearing, stable operation, safe and energy-saving. Romance eulogizes the cantabile American years
  • Irradiation area: 15㎡-30㎡
  • Acrylic lampshade, good light transmission
  • Light source: install LED patch light source (15W) energy saving, environmental protection and power saving
  • 12W-LED three-color dimmer
  • Motor Power:MAX <65W
  • Remote controller: three-stage variable speed remote controller, independent light switch, 1, 2, 4, 8 hour timing shutdown
  • Storey height:It is recommended that the height of the fan blades be 2.30 meters from the ground
  • Hardwired,professional installation recommended
  • Remote control included
  • Suitable for use in kichen,and livingroom.
  • Precautions:
    1. Please carefully measure the size of the space before purchasing the lamp, so as to choose the appropriate size and power. 2. The brightness of the lamp is very subjective. Generally, it depends on the wattage of the light source and the size of the space. The illuminated area is for reference only
  • Light On/Off Show
  • Tip:Wipe with a soft cotton cloth, do not use household cleaners; use a light source that does not exceed the specified wattage
  • Requirements for the surrounding environment of fan lamp installation
    1. The fan lamp must be installed on the concrete roof or on a solid wood beam with a thickness of at least 3 cm. It must be able to bear a weight of more than 30 kg (you can try to pull it by hand after installing the hanger to test safety)
    If it is a hollow plate, commonly known as a 5-hole plate, this kind of floor cannot be fixed with expansion screws 2 or wood screws, and cannot be installed.
    3. If the ceiling does not have a recessed ceiling, it is a flat ceiling (as shown in Figure 1), and it can be installed
    , need to lengthen the pole installation, the principle of lengthening the pole: 4. If the ceiling has a recessed ceiling (as shown in Figure 2) (the shortest length of the pole = the depth of the ceiling + 10CM), otherwise it will affect the wind force; if the size of the recessed part of the ceiling is sufficient Large, the tail of the fan blade is more than 60cm from the edge of the ceiling, and the pole can not be lengthened. For example: if you are making a circular ceiling, you need to install a fan lamp with a diameter of 42 inches (the diameter of 42 inches is 1.07M), then the minimum diameter of the circular ceiling must be greater than 2.27M; if you are making a rectangular ceiling, the principle is the same , if you also want to install a 42-inch fan lamp, the length and width of the rectangular ceiling, any one of the dimensions must be greater than 2.27M. If this size is not reached, the pole needs to be lengthened to solve the problem of wind force
    Where the fan light is installed, the tail of the fan blade should be at least 60cm away from the surrounding obstacles. The larger the size, the better the wind effect
    [The above data is for reference only, the actual environment shall prevail]20211124_132331_034.jpg


  • Size(Diam*h):
    52 Inch Black + Six Gears Remote Control
    42 Inch Black + Six Gears Remote Control

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American style electric fan light American style electric fan light American style electric fan light American style electric fan light American style electric fan light American style electric fan light

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