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How to Choose the Best Pendant Lights: Size, Finishes, Styles and Installation Options

22 feb 2023 labpiecesign
  • Purpose: In certain rooms, a light fixture serves a more functional purpose rather than fashionable. For instance, the pendants you choose to hang over your kitchen island will provide functional, task-oriented illumination while the lighting at the front door is meant to captivate guests entering your home.
  • Size: Know the square footage of the room as well as the ceiling height (including vaulted and sloped ceilings) to help you make the best choice. Be mindful of all sizing dimensions including width, depth, height and even weight of a fixture you are interested in.
  • Positioning: Consider the positioning of the pendant light and its effects on style, general lighting of the room as well as symmetry of design. 
  • Colours: Look for pendant lights that will complement your existing colour palette. We have pendant lights available in a variety of colours including but not limited to black, white, grey, brass, gold, natural, and copper. 
  • Brightness: The ideal lumen count for ambient lighting in a dining room–or any room–is determined by the space’s square footage. Per 10 square metres, a dining room needs about 250-400 total lumens. However, please be mindful that most pendant lights are supported by downlights and other functional lighting so pendant light brightness is sometimes considered secondary ambient lighting rather than focused functional lighting. 
  • Lighting Function:
    • Uplight Lighting: upwards lighting, providing reflected ambiance around a space, rather than direct downlighting
    • Downlight Lighting: Ideal when your room needs lots of direct, focused light as well as ambient light. Most common use. 
    • Ambient Lighting: Diffused non direct lighting
  • Installation Height: Consider how height affects style, safety and illumination. Also, consider ease of installation and its maintenance. For example, if you plan to install in high ceilings, be sure you have all the necessary equipment and items before hiring an electrician. An electrician may have to hire scaffolding so it is highly advised that you check that all items are in working order and ready for installation before hiring a scaffold. Also, consider how the fixture will be cleaned or maintained over time - would a ladder and duster reach or would you need to hire a specialist cleaner? 
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