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About Us

Brand Story: Illuminating the beauty of Southeast Asia, shining a light of inspiration on the world - Labpiecesign

Jimmy and Andrew, two young and passionate lighting designers and craftsmen, live in Indonesia, Southeast Asia. They are deeply in love with the rich bamboo wood and traditional lighting crafts of their homeland, and harbor an obsessive pursuit of the art of lighting. Jimmy, a University of California graduate, chose to return to his home country to start his own business. With his love for his hometown's culture and unique insights into lighting design, he hopes to use his design and skills to breathe new life into his hometown's lighting traditions.

When Jimmy and Andrew learned about each other, it was as if they had a heart-to-heart, and they knew this was the opportunity they were pursuing. The two young men hit it off right away and decided to use a modern online store format to showcase the unique lighting techniques and products of their native Indonesia to people around the world who love lamps and lanterns. So, in 2018, they co-founded the lighting brand Labpiecesign.

The establishment of Labpiecesign is not only a dream of the two founders, but also a brand new exploration of Southeast Asian lighting culture. With handmade bamboo and rattan lamps at its core, the brand is dedicated to creating unique lighting artworks by perfectly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The product categories include ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, each of which is imbued with Jimmy and Andrew's deep love for the craftsmanship of lighting in their hometown.

From the very beginning, Jimmy and Andrew set their sights on the huge American and European markets. They believed that the cultural blend of Europe and the unique lighting flavor of Southeast Asia would produce a wonderful spark. labpiecesign's products gradually attracted the attention of many consumers, who were attracted by the brand's creative design and heritage craftsmanship, and have been praised for its distinctive artistic aesthetics.

The brand story of Jimmy and Andrew's persistence and hard work did not stop at commercial success. They bring their hometown's lighting technology and design to the world, lighting up the world with the brightness of illumination and the lives of more people. At the same time, they are actively involved in community development, providing job opportunities for local craftsmen, promoting economic prosperity and passing on culture.

Labpiecesign's brand story is about innovation and heritage, honoring and promoting the lighting traditions of their hometown. With heart and skill, they incorporate the beauty of Southeast Asia into every piece of work, enlighten the imagination with the light of inspiration, and light up life with unique designs. The brand is not only a lighting company, but also a love and transmission of the culture of their hometown, carrying the blessings of Southeast Asia and delivering the warmth and beauty of light to the world.

Indonesia Address: Kpg.Student Armny No.173
China Company Address:
Xingye Building, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province,
ChinaMobile Contact:
+86 18575716713